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you fall asleep

trying to be where you are
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well. i'm sitting here writing this while laura fixes up our page. it's looking pretty good i think. that's cause my girlfriend is smart. see i've got round to calling her my girlfriend now, this is odd. i didn't think i'd be ok with it at first but now i totes am! k so she's going to come along in a bit and see how i'm doing with the userinfo page and realise that i'm just bollocking around and not helping and she's going to delete this and write something cryptic and meaningful. who cares, no one's ever going to see this anyway :) that's what i like about this place. it's kindof cozy like that.

but this journal is pretty much about the fact that i like her :)

i think she's fixing the comments thing now. i don't know it's dark so i can't see her concentrating constipatedly look.

the end.
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